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Doll's Eyes
A/N: Honestly, I don't expect too much about this pairing since most love Fou-Karen but, I find the awkward relationship of Fou and Karin quite interesting… hehe…read on.
Disclaimer: I used to think I can own B't X…so much for wishful thinking

I live in the bounds of the Machine Empire. I am used to the blank faces of the soldiers about me. I amused to the blank stares of the walking dolls as they pass by me. There was a time that I thought I was a doll myself, a doll ready to serve the Empire. Ready to die—since to die only meant rest for us. And we would be resurrected by the Emperor.
But I was wrong. I once had a chance to look at Rafael's cage and I shuddered. A monster. All my life I had been serving a monster. I was prepared to die and to be sacrificed. I started questioning whether my life was only meant for it. I felt a deep heartache for the Empire, such feeling that I never knew before, I did not even bothered to know the word to descri
:iconwalaakongkwenta:walaakongkwenta 0 0
I will be a priest
A/N: The reason I am not in favor of Karen- Fou tandem is I am rooting on Hokuto. Hehe.
Disclaimer: I think by writing more fanfic for B't X, I can own it…it's just a thought. I own nothing but the fic so don't sue me.

"I will be a priest."
"Now did he really say that?"
A fourteen-year old Karen nodded. Ron, same age, suddenly laughed, not the silent laugh that anyone could tolerate easily. It was a loud, resounding laughter that could attract any passerby. If that was not enough, the Chinese boy hit the stone bench to imply that a mere laughter could not express the feeling inside him. It was a good afternoon anyway, a strenuous training day was almost finished and what could end the day best but a good joke. This situation involving his friends was one of the best jokes for Ron.
"You couldn't blame him, Karen! All this time we thought you are a guy?"
"Nani?" Karen attacked him with several kicks and punches but Ron dodged and blocked them all
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Mature content
if tezuka leaves :iconwalaakongkwenta:walaakongkwenta 1 0
Mature content
blind spot :iconwalaakongkwenta:walaakongkwenta 0 0
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...some things people don't see everyday....


.: Sound of loneliness :. by GokhanKaraag .: Sound of loneliness :. :icongokhankaraag:GokhanKaraag 1,123 187 .: moonlight :. by GokhanKaraag .: moonlight :. :icongokhankaraag:GokhanKaraag 1,256 105



jahzeel dionne ybasco y viter
...i'm a little bit of everything rolled up into one...

Current Residence: somewhere out there
Favourite genre of music: ...walang kamatayang grunge...
Favourite cartoon character: akira sendoh
PoT as in Prince of Tennis.

Addiction to anime really runs in the family (should I count my mom out? lately, she knows pot characters and cleverly distinguishes one from another). my father used to buy cds after cds of animations and all of us would enjoy a bowl of junk food and watch the animations together (then my mom would be the first to doze).

this is my current cp wallpaper
come to think of it, it's been awhile since my father has bought a cd, nor seen animations on tv. One of the causes i think is the dvd player is not at all working. Other reason is he is too busy with work. Now, he is having his one week of break from work (he has colds) and enjoying episodes of animations stored in my notebook.It was a good timing that I have copies of Prince of Tennis from manga to anime to film to musicals (i even have copies of OSTs. thanks to Ryoma/ Karupin, Atobe/Tezuka, and Nanjiro for keeping the addiction alive. hehe). My father is a fan of Slamdunk and since both animations have sports as theme, he is easily hooked by PoT.

I hardly touch my PC and there he goes asking me if he can see the animation (as if i have the power to deny him). We have different schedules at home, you see. my father, being a call-center agent is awake at wee hours of the morning so he is my competitor in pc usage. My brothers give me their puppy-dog eyes requesting me to lend the PC so they can see the same anime (XERD, the youngest being a student only has weekends; SKWAPUT, the younger only goes  home once in a while). My mom, well she doesn't use it for animations but for games. However, since my father is staying at home  this week, she has no option but let him have her "share." And she i think is quite entertained by animated young boys that look too old for their ages who can swing rackets like pros.

Now, whenever my friends ask me "What episode was it when blah blah blah?" I promptly give an answer worthy of a Guiness Record for memorizing episode number plus title. They can't put the blame on me since technically I am not the one who voluntarily keeps rewatching episodes.
  • Listening to: white line by aozu
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: prince of tennis
  • Drinking: blood

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